Sorig Khang Canada is a branch of Sorig Khang International (formerly the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine). 

Sorig Khang (Tib. གསོ་རིག་ཁང་) loosely translates as “medicine house”, a place where healing work is practiced and shared.



“My wish is that Tibetan Medicine would spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings.”

— Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, Father of Tibetan Medicine


Dr Nida's Complete U.S. Tour:

June 14 - 18: Menla Mountain Retreat: Secrets of Longevity

June 20 - 22: New York City: Vajra Body, Speech, and Mind

June 24 - 27: Boulder, CO: Medicine Rishi Empowerment

June 28 - July 4: San Francisco, CA: Practical Diagnosis

July 6 - 9: Los Angeles, CA: Tibetan Dream Yoga

July 12 - 16: Portland, OR: Yuthok Nyingthig Ati Yoga

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